One fifth of the world’s population depends on rice cultivation. The burgeoning population of Asia has surpassed the natural capacity of the rice areas of production. Nutrients have to be supplied using fertilizers and water stored in dams for later release to the rice fields. Demand for rice is projected to grow 50% by 2030. Sustainability plays a pivotal role for the provision of safe and healthy food for all.

Our Measures

We are taking certain measures to maintain a substantial growth in rice:

  • Clean and Pollution Free Environment
  • Watering- Quality and Saving
  • Reducing and Saving Energy
  • Seed quality of Maximum Yield
  • Reducing Impact of Fertilizers and Weeds

Our Initiatives

We are taking these initiatives for Farmers and Stakeholders:

  • Training the Farmers
  • Support to Farmers
  • No Gender Discrimination
  • No Child Labour
  • Health and Education to Farmers
  • Increasing Profitability Margin of all stakeholders
  • Engagement of farmers and stakeholders