Quality Measures

Stringent quality measures are applied to ensure that only premium quality Basmati Rice reaches your outlets. Intricate attention to detail is given to the crop as pre-qualification in selection for the final harvest.

A qualified team of research scientists hailing from both private and public sectors amalgamate to ensure that the golden paddy acquired by the company is grown from the most potent seeds, using the latest scientific techniques available. The Paddy is harvested at an optimum moisture level and every relevant test regarding rice quality is subsequently carried out by highly experienced technologists in our well-equipped laboratories.

The processes of paddy drying, cleaning, de-husking, de-stoning, polishing, re-polishing, final grading and sorting all undergo separate quality assurances whereby samples are taken and tested at every step to emulate the strict international standards which are inherent to all our exports.
Supreme Rice possesses a tactical advantage which is the key to our cost effective production and competitive selling prices. Our company deals with the entire production process on its own, giving us extensive experience of cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, and marketing which works to our advantage in assurance of quality control and efficiency across all levels of production.