Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice is the name given to a special kind of rice, indigenous to South Asia. It is a long slender grain with a unique aroma due to the composition of natural chemicals found in this type of rice.Its light, delicate and separate grains uniquely elongate to twice their raw size when cooked.

It consists of both white and brown rice with basmati brown rice usually containing approximately 20% more nutrients than its regular counterparts. It is a healthy ‘super grain’ as it is low in fat and is gluten free, whilst containing all eight of the essential amino acids.

Pakistan & Rice

Being an agro-based economy, Pakistan prides itself in being the 11th largest producer of rice worldwide, producing an average of 6 million tones per annum. Thus the export of rice is vital to Pakistan’s economy as it contributes to a yearly economic growth rate of an estimated 9-10%.

The macro-economic environment since the inception of our country has shown a markedly steady growth in demand for consumable items such as Rice.

Rice is also the second largest source of food found in the archetypical Pakistani cuisine, requiring accommodation for 180 million members of its population, growing at 3% per annum. These figures illustrate how the ever-increasing demand for such commodities ultimately suggests growth of the Rice Mills industry as a whole, making development in this sector inevitable.